The Rules of the Game This Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup 2015 has kicked off in London. The time-zone differences mean that ardent Australian rugby fans will be up at odd hours cheering on the Green and Gold. The late hours may have some knock on (pun intended) effects like a few “sickies” or some late arrivals to the pitch. What do you need to do as an employer to manage this situation?

Here are some quick tips:

  • Discuss the game plan. Tell your employees that if they want to watch the games and take leave the next day then this should be arranged with management. When was the last time you had you leave policies reviewed?
  • Consider flexible working arrangements and make up time (because no one likes a spoilt sport). Use the World Cup to engage with your employees and develop your team culture further. Do you have a Flexible Working Arrangement Policy and when was this last reviewed?
  • Some offices have cloud based software which allows employees to work offsite. Consider allowing employees to work from home in line with you Working from Home Policy; do you have one?
  • Balance competing tasks with annual leave requests.
  • Should your employees be allowed to use social media or websites to check scores and follow their teams during working hours? Do you have an Internet and Social Media Policy?

Contact us if you feel that you may be offside (last pun, we promise). Our employment law team will be happy to discuss and assist you further.

by Awash Prasad,  Senior Lawyer