When you purchase a property you will be presented with a contract and section 32 vendor statement. These are the documents which will bring you and the vendor together to complete a sale. Whilst on the surface they may appear straight forward there are some very important terms and conditions which mustn’t be overlooked. Unfortunately this is where many people have made assumptions of what is contained in the contract which had resulted in some very costly mistakes.

We can assist you with our experienced conveyancing services.

  • Perusal of the Contract of Sale & Section 32 Vendor Statement FREE*
  • Experienced staff taking care of your biggest investment
  • Stress free co-ordination with your Real Estate Agent

Throughout your purchase there is a number of deadlines including payments of deposit, finance approval, special condition deadlines, transfer of land exchange date and the settlement date just to name a few. Our staff, through our unique processes and systems, keep on top of all these deadlines for you so you don’t have to stress and worry about dates. We will keep you up to date and informed the whole way.

When purchasing a property there are complex forms, contracts, rules and regulations to contend with and understand but when you use Goodman Group Lawyers we do all the work for you. We know the right questions to ask you, which forms are needed, how to co-ordinate your bank, the vendors bank, the real estate agent and any other party needed to be involved.

Why do Victorians choose Goodman Group Lawyers for the Purchase of their Property?

  • Highly experienced staff dedicated to the purchase of the property
  • Full understanding of purchase processes from beginning to end
  • Knowledge of all banks different processes
  • We keep track of all timeframes and deadlines
  • Complete co-ordination of all parties involved  in the purchase & settlement
  • Educated staff, up to date with the latest changes in the law
  • Resourceful to ensure even the most challenging settlements go through smoothly
  • Full, complete and clear answers to all your questions
  • Competitive fixed price to settle the purchase of your property
  • A friendly and personal approach keeping you in the loop throughout your purchase
  • Experienced in a wide range property transactions such as subdivisions, boundary realignment, family transfers, deceased estates, company share titles and much more.

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