Real Estate Activities Update – Stage 4 Restrictions

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Business Victoria has posted yesterday an update about what activities can be conducted in respect to the sale of real estate in Victoria when Stage 4 restrictions are being enforced. Below is a summary of what was published. Contacts Entered into Prior to and including 5 August 2020 Contractual provisions relating to pest inspections, building […]

Real Estate Dealings During COVID-19 – Update

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The State Government of Victoria overnight updated the Stage 4 restrictions for real estate transactions. What does this mean for real estate in Victoria today? New Sale Inspections – No onsite inspections are permitted. Only virtual, online inspections are permitted. Many real estate agents were hoping the maintenance of one on one inspections prior to […]

How Does the Law Change for Small Estates?prob

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Those managing smaller estates may be worried that the value of their assets might be devalued by probate-related fees. This is a fair concern, particularly when these fees have the potential to cut into a significant portion of the estate. To combat this, legislation in Australia has been purposefully introduced to streamline probate in the […]

Legal Requirements with Funeral Arrangement

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While not a legal requirement, most families choose to go through funeral homes for arrangements, as they have the facilities and ability to provide the regulated standard of care required for the handling, storage and disposition of the deceased. This makes them a valuable service for grieving families and loved ones, and helps ensure all […]

Examining Will Disputes

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With wills already being a complex field of law, introducing the idea of will disputes may serve to complicate these legal matters further. In doing this, uninformed families suffer confusion and potentially don’t realise their rights during mediation. For this reason, Goodman Group Lawyers seek to demonstrate how and why someone would seek to dispute […]

Understanding Probate

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For families managing a deceased estate, the concept of probate may sound familiar – but what exactly is probate? The intention of this article is to help families with little or no understanding of probate to better understand the entire process. This information will aid uninformed families to better manage the occasionally complicated will process […]

Land Tax in Victoria

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The State Revenue Office of Victoria sends more than 300,000 land tax assessments to landowners all over the state every year. Due to the relative complexity of what these taxes entail, these assessments remain confusing for both first-time investment property owners and seasoned property owners. It is for this reason that Goodman Group Lawyers have […]

Your Rights and Responsibilities as an Investment Property Owner

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It’s important for landlords, particularly those new to property investment, to understand what they’re allowed to do in relation to their property. Even with professional property managers taking care of the property, knowing the ins and outs of investment property ownership can be valuable. With this blog, Goodman Group Lawyers aim to make your rights […]