“How do you do, I’m Scott Goodman from Goodman Group Lawyers”

My company was founded in 2001 and I’m proud to tell you we are now one of Victoria’s most trusted law firms. I pride myself on bringing to you one of the most innovative legal practices in the country.

It all started years ago when looking at how inefficient law firms were and many still are today. It was these inefficiencies which see lawyers taking advantage of when they charge you for the time they spend doing the billable work for you. If you use one of these old school law firms, you are paying them to be inefficient. That means the more time they spend on your legal problem, the more they charge you.

Goodman Group Lawyers doesn’t charge you for time. We give you a fixed price and outline in great detail what it includes and what it doesn’t include. Then when you agree for us to undertake the work we focus on your goal rather than wasting your time and money.

Communication is vital in the management of your legal work. You can call your lawyer and discuss your matter without worrying about being charged for the call. We also keep you up to date by email and telephone. This is what sets us apart from the old school law firms.

Technology at firm also allows us to deliver a much more efficient practice. All documents which come to us are converted to an electronic copy and stored securely. With our many offices this allows us to access your file from anywhere. We are also proudly a mobile law firm. In my Estate Law and Business Law division we can come to you. This makes dealing with us simple and hassle free.

With our extensive experience in Conveyancing, Estate Law and Business Law we can serve you to save you time, money and reduce risk.

I invite you to experience what is called ‘New Law’ and work with my team at Goodman Group Lawyers.

And remember…. Goodman Group Lawyers… Your Lawyers.