Litigation & Dispute Resolution

When a someone or a business doesn’t do what they promise, don’t deliver the right goods, paying you on-time or not at all or do a poor job, a dispute can escalate to lawyers quickly.

At Goodman Group Lawyers we approach litigation with the two fundamental principles; effective and efficient litigation.

We will not pursue matters to court unless it is necessary. We will find and use effective methods of dispute resolution such as mediation and negotiation to reach a cost-effective outcome for you. Most courts now require cases to be mediated so that all avenues of settlement can be explored prior to a matter being ready for trial.

Next, we will litigate efficiently by guiding you through the court process without resorting to unnecessary methods which may delay your case.

There are time limits within which you must begin your case otherwise you may lose your right to do so. Time limits also apply if you are defending a case and you may lose you right to defend if you do not comply with these time limits.

Examples of some areas of law we litigate in are:

  1. Contractual disputes
  2. Shareholder disputes
  3. Real estate disputes
  4. Building and construction
  5. Leasing disputes
  6. Sexual harassment and discrimination
  7. Employment Law

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