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Contesting a will

If you feel you have not been adequately provided for by a loved one in their Will or you have been left out of the Will completely you need Goodman Group Lawyers URGENTLY. Almost anyone can challenge a Will but there are very strict time limits in place to do so. This means that to preserve your rights you must act as soon as possible after your loved ones death so you don’t lose that right.

At Goodman Group Lawyers we are highly experienced at guiding you through the each step in the process of challenging a Will. The first step is often to provide advice to our clients on whether they have a claim and if so, how much the claim is worth. From there, we assist you to lodge the necessary legal documents on time and then go about trying to resolve the dispute on your behalf in a timely and efficient manner. We are often required to appear on behalf of our client’s at mediations and we find most Will disputes are settled at this stage. Goodman Group Lawyers aim to minimise stress and emotional anguish in these matters and most of all, to represent your best interests so you walk away satisfied.

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