Aggressive Landlords seeking Re-Entry or Forfeiture Post  COVID  

Business Life After Lockdown

You’ve had a tough 2020 and you were able to negotiate with your landlord a rent reduction and /or rental deferment for your commercial property when business was forced into lockdown; it was a welcome relief. However now your landlord is demanding you pay the deferred rent you owe or they’ll kick you out and demand re-entry.

Re-Entry or Section 146 Notice

Your landlord of their managing agent may have served you with notice to pay up or you’re out. If this is the case you need to take immediate action and call Goodman Group Lawyers. Goodman Group Lawyers can assist and take this stress away from you. We can request for the notice to be withdrawn or otherwise we can make an application for an injunction stopping the effects of the notice. Once the urgency of the demands stipulated in the notice has been taken care of, we can negotiate a fair plan for your business on the road to recovery.

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If your business has Business Interruption Insurance you may be able to make a COVID claim. A recent test case in the New South Wales Supreme Court resulted in a favorable outcome for business owners. The case is now being appealed to the High Court of Australia. If your business has been effected by COVID ensure you keep good financial records and call us today about lodging a claim. 

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