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Workers Compensation

Injuries at work do happen. Do you know what you need to do if you get injured at work and what you may be entitled to?

If you get injured at work then you may be entitled to workers compensation. There are very strict time limits that apply and in order to make a claim for WorkCover, you need to take the right steps which are explained below:

  1. Go see your doctor

Tell your Doctor exactly what happened and provide all the details of the injury and how and where it happened.

Keep all receipts and reports from your Doctor in one file so that you do not lose them. These documents are important to your claim.

When you get home, make a detailed note of what happened so that you do not forget.

  1. Report it

Remember, you have 30 days from when you first discovered the injury to report it to your employer.

How do you report an injury? You can report it by registering your injury in the register of injuries or simply writing to your employer.

  1. Lodge it

Lodge your claim by filing out the WorkCover claim form with your employer. Once you have done this, your employer has 10 days from when you lodged your claim to provide your claim to a WorkCover claims agent.

  1. Wait for response

Your work for the moment is done and now you wait for a response. The claims agent has 28 days from when it received your claim to tell you whether it has been accepted or rejected.

If your claim has been accepted then good on you. If it has been rejected then you need Goodman Group Lawyers. Contact us to arrange your free initial consultation to discuss your matter. You must speak to us within 60 days of being told by WorkCover that your claim has been rejected. We recommend that you do not wait the entire 60 days to contact us and that you do so urgently.

Call Goodman Group Lawyers to learn about Workers Compensation on 1300 923 560 or click here. Goodman Group Lawyers has conveniently located offices in and around Melbourne and Western Victoria.

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