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Why wait, tomorrow may never come

You know you should make a Will or update your Will but just haven’t gotten around to it? That is a common thing we hear from our clients at Goodman Group Lawyers. Everyone knows they should have one but why is it so important? Basically, a Will is a document that sets out your wishes with what is to happen to your assets after you die. If you want your assets distributed in a particular way there is no other way to safeguard your wishes than by making a Will.  If you don’t have a Will when you die, the law sets out who inherits your property and other possessions, which may not be the same as what you would have wanted and may cause additional stress on your loved ones.

Although you can make your own Will, the law of Wills contains lots of tricks and complications. If your Will is drafted or signed incorrectly, it may be a very expensive exercise for your family members to sort out when you die. That’s why you need Goodman Group Lawyers. We offer a confidential and discrete service not just in the area of making Wills, but estate planning too. From a simple Will to the most complex, our lawyers can handle it.

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