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Theft / shoplifting

What is theft?

The legal definition of theft is to ‘dishonestly appropriate property belonging to another with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it’. It commonly covers offences such as shop lifting, and stealing from an employer.

What are the maximum penalties for theft?

The maximum penalty for theft is 10 years imprisonment. However, imprisonment is usually only imposed for repeat offenders, or where the value of the theft is large. For offences such as shop lifting or theft from an employer, if the amount stolen is relatively small, it is more usual to be punished by a good behaviour bond, a fine, or a community corrections order.

If I plead guilty, will I get a conviction?

Theft is an indictable offence meaning that it is regarded as a serious offence. It may be possible to avoid a conviction if you have no prior convictions for theft. You may also be eligible to participate in the Diversion program. Speak to our lawyers today about how you can avoid a criminal conviction.

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