The Leading Lawyers in Lilydale – Wills, Family Law and More

All across Lilydale, we are known for being the most reliable lawyers in town. This is a reputation that we have developed through our expertise in dealing with a wide range of legal matters, with a team of experts that work hard to ensure that our clients always obtain the most satisfactory results possible. With many years of experience, choosing Goodman Group Lawyers will give you peace of mind knowing that your legal situation is being handled by the best in the game.

We offer legal services in a wide variety of areas

Each and every solicitor in our practice has the expertise to handle a range of different legal matters. Listed below are just some of the services that we can offer you:

  • Conveyancing. When it comes to the buying and selling of property, it is essential for conveyancing to be handled by the experts. We at Goodman Group Lawyers have overseen countless conveyancing transactions in both Lilydale and throughout the rest of Victoria
  • Wills and estates. Our probate lawyers are the experts in handling wills, and will work with you to ensure they fully understand your needs so that your assets are handled the way you want
  • Family law and divorce. Dealing with family legal matters can be quite an uncomfortable experience for all involved, making it best to involve a third party. Whether it’s acting as your divorce lawyer or navigating parental rights issues, the team at Goodman Group Lawyers will handle delicate situations so that the most optimal outcome is reached

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