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Fraud and deception, including Centrelink fraud

What is fraud?

Fraud (also referred to as deception) is a dishonest and deceptive act or omission which results in the offender receiving a financial benefit, or property belonging to another. Common types of fraud include credit card fraud, Centrelink fraud, and insurance fraud, and can involve identity theft or forgery of documents and signatures.

What are the maximum penalties for fraud and deception?

The penalties depends on which offence a person has been charged with and under which legislation. The offence of obtaining property or a financial advantage by deception under the Crimes Act 1958 carries a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment.

I’ve been charged with fraud, what should I do?

It is very important to obtain legal advice. Our lawyers will advise you on the strength of the prosecution case, your legal options, and your likely penalty if found guilty. Even if you intend to plead guilty, you should always have legal representation to ensure that the Magistrate or Judge is aware of all the facts and circumstances before sentencing you. Our lawyers may also be able to obtain a recommendation for Diversion.

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