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Buying or selling real estate in Bayswater

You Need Goodman Group Lawyers

Goodman Group Lawyers conveyancing team lead by Scott Goodman together with his property lawyers are ready to assist you in either buying or selling real estate in Bayswater and surrounding area. Scott Goodman has personally overseen over 10,000 conveyancing transactions in Victoria, you know you’re in good hands. Goodman Group has completed hundreds of conveyancing settlements in the City of Knox, we know the area well.

Make sure you take up our offer of a free perusal of the contract and section 32 vendor statement before you sign. All you have to do is call us on 1300 923 560 or complete the form below.

If you’re selling in Bayswater, your real estate agent can’t sell your property without a section 32 vendor statement. Order your section 32 vendor statement now by calling our team on 1300 923 560 or complete the form below. Think conveyancing Bayswater, think Goodman Group Lawyers.

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