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Civic Compliance / Sheriff fines

The infringements system can be horrendously complex, confusing, and frustrating. If you have incurred a large amount of Citylink and Eastlink fines, the infringement debt can quickly become unmanageable, leaving you feeling overwhelmed. At Goodman Group Lawyers we have experienced lawyers who will help you navigate the infringements system.

The majority of our infringement cases have resulted in our client’s infringement debt being reduced by at least 2/3 and in many cases the infringement debt has been waived altogether.

 I have a large amount of fines and can’t pay them, what should I do?

You should call our lawyers for advice. The best way to get your fines reduced or waived is to make an application for a hearing in the Magistrates’ Court. A Magistrate will usually reduce or waive your fines if they are satisfied that it would be harsh, unjust or unreasonable to expect you to pay the entire amount.

I have been arrested by the Sheriff, and they have given me a date to attend Court.

What should I do?

If this has happened, it means that your fines have become infringement warrants. You should obtain legal representation for the Court hearing. This is because a Magistrate has the power to imprison you for unpaid infringement warrants. With good legal representation, often prison can be avoided. Our lawyers are often able to convince the Magistrate to substantially reduce the amount of fines, and in some cases our lawyers have convinced the Magistrate to waive the fines altogether.

Local council and agency prosecutions

What are agency prosecutions?

Agency prosecutions refer to charges which are prosecuted by a body other than Victoria Police or the Director of Public Prosecutions. They can include prosecutions by the local council, the Department of Environment and Primary Industries, the Environment Protection Authority, or the RSPCA. Offences can include:

  • Domestic animal offences such as dog attacks
  • Unauthorised buildings in breach of council regulations and permits
  • Working as a builder, plumber etc without being registered
  • Fishing offences such as unlicensed abalone fishing
  • Animal cruelty offences
  • Pollution and littering

If you have been charged with an offence by a council or agency, contact our experienced lawyers for advice and representation.

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