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Assault and affray


What is assault?

Assault is a term to describe a range of offences including common assault, recklessly or intentionally cause injury, and recklessly or intentionally cause serious injury. It also covers offences such as making a threat to kill. An assault can occur even if there has been no physical contact, as long as the offender caused the victim to fear an assault.

What is affray?

A person commits an affray when they act in a way which is likely to terrify ordinary members of the public. It is most commonly used when a person is involved in a fight in a public place.

What are the penalties?

The penalties for assault offences depend on the seriousness of the injury inflicted. A prison sentence is often imposed if the injuries are serious or if the offender is a repeat offender.

The police have charged me with an assault, but I was acting in self-defence.

What should I do?

Self-defence is a complete defence to an assault charge. If a Magistrate or jury accepts that you were acting in self-defence you will be found not guilty. To be successful you will have to show that you honestly and reasonably believed your actions were necessary to defend yourself from an assault. It will be up to you to prove that you were acting in self-defence and this can be difficult. Contact one of our experienced criminal lawyers today for advice.

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